Hong Kong at Night.

Tramming to the peak.. Victoria Peak!

The Peak Tram, serving you since 1888.

wait for it…


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Hong Kong Skyline, Skyline Terrace 428, The Victoria Peak.

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ICC Light and Music Show!

City of Peace, Geneva.

Bienvenue à Genève.


Le Fontaine Jet D’eau , Lac Lèman. The star of the harbour!

Just walk. Its good for the mind and body!


I spy with my eye, something begins with Y…

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The Years before Brexit.

All relationship needs mutual respect and trust to build and grow.

If you can’t work it to make it, then by all means break it!

We’ve enjoyed being a part of the European Union since 1973. As all good things come to an end, so did Britain’s relationship with the EU.

What a phenomenon Brexit has stirred!? Although, we still have a year to go before we leave them definitely. I do not want to get into any political debates on this matter but rather just share some of my favourite moments of Breunion!

Some of  my European travels that I’ve enjoyed immensely. I hope you do too!


Dubrovnik, Croatia.

A beautiful sunny day in an Island at Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Waking up to crystal clear Adriatic Sea, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the colours of life.. it’s a blessing.

Leaving trails behind to be discovered ..

What do you see? Ruins or Foundation? The answer is your Perception to Life.