Yasaka Hall, Gion Corner, Kyoto.

Japanese Traditional Art and Theatre performances at the Yasaka Hall, Gion Corner.



Maiko Gallery showcasing some of the hair accessories worn by the Maiko dancers.

Tea Ceremony – Ryurei  and Koto, a six-stringed zither.

Kyogen Theatre – Comedy.                  Bunraku Puppet Theatre.

Flower Arrangement or Ikebana.

Kyo-mai Dance by Geisha / Geiko.

Gagaku Court Music.

A memoir soon to be written..

Geisha 1

Geisha at Hanami-Koji Street or famulously known as Gion Corner in Kyoto, Japan.

Geisha or Geiko as they are also often referred by, translates to Gei meaning Art and Sha – Person, or Geiko, Ko meaning Child).

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