First article – published today.

After months under construction, I have finally published my first article – today.

I would like to thank you for your patience.

This category will now be updated monthly.I will be covering a wide range of topics and I look forward to engaging with a wider audience out there! I would love to hear from all of you and any topics that we could discuss.

So, please leave me your feedback and comments.

Happy reading!




Roppongi Hills, Ropponggi, Tokyo.

If you ever wondered what the best of us are up to, in Japan, then a visit to Roppongi Hills is recommended.

Night life, karaokes, food and drinks, gambling and super fast cars for the super rich. I would say, ” It’s Vegas baby”, but in Japan!



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Christmas – Greetings, Food and I!


I would write .. but they say a picture speaks a thousand words. And I’ve given you lovely folks six for indulgence purpose. The fourth picture being the ultimate Cherry on Ice xxx

Please read between these images (I spent the night with both Santa and Snowman).

I wish all of you a Wonderful Christmas, because it’s never too late for Seasonal Greetings.

Just a stroll down memory lane..

I have had the most amazing opportunities in life – to travel. To the most beautiful and breathtaking countries in this wonderful world of ours.

A pleasure that no words can describe. A satisfaction that could only be felt in our hearts through the gift of sight.

I wanted to write a lot about my travels, which I might. But for now, I present a feast for all of you world travellers, dreamers and globetrotters. From the countryside to the busiest cities in the world, come join me as I stroll down my memory lane..

Enjoy the photographs. Owned by me. If you share, please give me the due credit.

With much love.