London Calling To the Faraway Towns…


Big Ben before renovation works.


Tower Bridge, a combined Bascule, and Suspension Bridge.

Tower of London – Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London.


St Paul’s Cathedral – Dome                      The Gherkin              St Paul’s Cathedral

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The Shard, Obelisk, London Eye, River Thames, Palace of Westminster and Elizabeth Tower, Liverpool Station, Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street and the iconic Red Bus.

Buckingham Palace, the London residence, and administrative HQ of the                               Monarch of the United Kingdom.


London Eye, height 135m, a gigantic Ferris Wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames. Has 32 ovoidal passenger capsules can hold up to 25 people, and the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom.

Go Bananas for Bananas!

Bananas – a staple for many tropical populations. Botanically categorised as a berry, produced by several kinds of herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa. Cavendish bananas are commercially available in our supermarkets and commonly consumed all over. Its primary content is composed of Carbohydrates along with other minerals and antioxidants. Bananas are known for its Potassium, Vitamin C, Catechin ( disease-fighting Flavonoids ) and resistant starch. So, eat at least 1 banana a day and reaps the benefits to a healthier you!

A Revisited Land, Became My Home.

I visited the UK as a tourist, 18 years ago.  As I arrived at the gates for Arrivals at Terminal 5, the feeling of absolute freedom filled my senses. Right at that moment, I knew, I’ve found my path.

The United Kingdom consists of four countries, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The country’s parliamentary democracy is ruled under the constitutional monarchy, our Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of State. Long Live the Queen!!

Since I was a tourist, I had a list of touristy stuff to do. Places to visit, photographs to capture, food and drink to experience, and so on.

I hopped on the Jubilee Line and walked to Westminster from London Bridge. There it was the Palace of Westminster. I stood there for almost an hour admiring its’ English Gothic architecture, quite a perpendicular gothic revival style, known to be prevalent from late 14th to mid 16th centuries owing to its’ unique characterizations, arches, vaults and archery windows. I went back again, this time at night. It looked stunning than ever!

Big Ben the Great Bell and Clock Tower, is 159 years old and stands tall at 315 feet, has 11 floors ( which is currently under renovation works, 2017 – 2020, there will be a lift! ). The Clock Tower was renamed Elizabeth Tower in 2012 to mark the Diamond Jubilee of our Queen. If you’ve visited England and been to London to see our Queens’ reign and walked the street of Westminster, then you definitely remember your first feeling of the Big Ben Chimes 15, 30 and 45 minutes past the hour. Although the bells have been silenced due to the renovation works, it has not stopped tourists from swarming in and around Westminster to capture this historical British cultural icon!

Tower Bridge – a combined bascule and suspension bridge, that crosses the River Thames and often confused to London Bridge ( you can see the red bridge from here ).

And since you are here, don’t miss your chance to visit Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London. The castle has played a prominent role in the English history and the home of the Crown Jewels of England! I saw an actual Koh-i-Noor diamond ( originally owned by the Kakatiya dynasty ) which was surrendered to Queen Victoria after the British conquest of Punjab.

As my holiday came to an end, I was sad to go. I still had other parts of England and Great Britain to see and explore.

I left determined that I will return someday. This is what I told my mom, I am going back there someday, two years from now actually, and it will be my home.

And I did come back 2 years later.

England –  The country that I adored so much… that I fell in love and made it my home!

Venture Life Through Travels.

Every land I’ve travelled has thought me about my existence. I’ve stood in front of Monuments and Buildings that shaped our history. I’ve walked the same path where history was rewritten. I’ve heard languages spoken which I only knew through literature. All my childhood and teenage life, I spent more time with books rather than people. It opened my mind to creativity, to imaginative lands and the love of writing. Now, I’ve given myself the opportunity to spend time with nature, this incredible planet and its many occupants! So when and if you get a chance, please travel. For me, it’s very personal. I discover a little more about myself. Adapting to this new environment and being a part of this land, regardless of the duration of my stay. It always feels like I’ve lived a completely different character than mine, from a book, yet to be written! Perhaps by me…

How Strong Is Your Bridge?

We all need a support system to get where we’re heading. I’m very grateful and lucky to have found people who are loyal, supportive and recognise my ambition, dreams and passion. You can do all by yourself but the good news is, you really don’t have to. When you need a hand, ask. Leave your ego aside and prepare yourself to receive. Wherever your journey leads you, it will be much more smoother and you might even reach there sooner. With that thought, let’s begin Friday and look forward to a great weekend!!

God Bless America.

Ever since I was 19, I wanted to visit the Big Apple. In 2016, that dream became a reality!

Finally, the tickets were booked, hotel reservations made and I was flying to the City that refuses to Sleep!!

When I got off the flight, my heart feels this strong emotion, so intense – the feeling that assured me how completely elated was I for this trip of a lifetime and totally flabbergasted!

How crazy is this? Just imagine it – Me, an ordinary person, who spent her life looking at the Big Apple on postcards, was now standing right bang on the middle of It – New York City! I’m looking up those tall buildings that boast dynamic, architectural structures of design and shape. Wow… how humbling is this moment of my life.

I walked into the Empire State Building on Fifth Avenue… it gives me goosebumps just recollecting those memories. A breathtaking and panoramic view of man-made evaluation.

The bustling crowds at Time Square. They were everywhere. So many people!! I was a tiny little ant in this Jungle of all Capitals!!

Central Park – I walked right where they shot Home Alone with the Pigeon Lady! Didn’t see her there nor come across as many pigeons as there were in the movie, but Hey… that’s not the point!

Watching Phantom of The Opera on Broadway – I finally got to tick that off my list, on my birthday. Did I tell you… the show and performance was spectacular and mind captivating??

As every passing day unfold anew, my reality stood tall on Staten Island – 305 feet to be precise, regardless of what may the future bring, She reminded me, one shall not take anything for granted.

I still have more to learn and explore this country and study their anthropology. And I will go back again someday very soon. Yet, I came back a different person, with the desire to dream even bigger.

If this sparks a dream in you, live it a reality and make it greater.