Focus on Self.

Focus on your focal point. It’s okay to relax. It’s okay to slow down. Its not okay to quit! Why I started this the first place? For myself! We will face challenges and adversaries but we don’t get better and stronger by quitting on ourselves. It’s always the opposite and tougher decisions that makes our destiny. Stay focussed!

Take No Fuckery!

Don’t let any loser tell you what you can and can’t achieve. Don’t take their fuckery! You – Excel and thrive through your flaws and failures.Bounce back, Rise to greater heights and reach farther in every fall! Do It For You. FIND YOURSELF!

Venture Life Through Travels.

Every land I’ve travelled has thought me about my existence. I’ve stood in front of Monuments and Buildings that shaped our history. I’ve walked the same path where history was rewritten. I’ve heard languages spoken which I only knew through literature. All my childhood and teenage life, I spent more time with books rather than people. It opened my mind to creativity, to imaginative lands and the love of writing. Now, I’ve given myself the opportunity to spend time with nature, this incredible planet and its many occupants! So when and if you get a chance, please travel. For me, it’s very personal. I discover a little more about myself. Adapting to this new environment and being a part of this land, regardless of the duration of my stay. It always feels like I’ve lived a completely different character than mine, from a book, yet to be written! Perhaps by me…

How Strong Is Your Bridge?

We all need a support system to get where we’re heading. I’m very grateful and lucky to have found people who are loyal, supportive and recognise my ambition, dreams and passion. You can do all by yourself but the good news is, you really don’t have to. When you need a hand, ask. Leave your ego aside and prepare yourself to receive. Wherever your journey leads you, it will be much more smoother and you might even reach there sooner. With that thought, let’s begin Friday and look forward to a great weekend!!