God Bless America.

Ever since I was 19, I wanted to visit the Big Apple. In 2016, that dream became a reality!

Finally, the tickets were booked, hotel reservations made and I was flying to the City that refuses to Sleep!!

When I got off the flight, my heart feels this strong emotion, so intense – the feeling that assured me how completely elated was I for this trip of a lifetime and totally flabbergasted!

How crazy is this? Just imagine it – Me, an ordinary person, who spent her life looking at the Big Apple on postcards, was now standing right bang on the middle of It – New York City! I’m looking up those tall buildings that boast dynamic, architectural structures of design and shape. Wow… how humbling is this moment of my life.

I walked into the Empire State Building on Fifth Avenue… it gives me goosebumps just recollecting those memories. A breathtaking and panoramic view of man-made evaluation.

The bustling crowds at Time Square. They were everywhere. So many people!! I was a tiny little ant in this Jungle of all Capitals!!

Central Park – I walked right where they shot Home Alone with the Pigeon Lady! Didn’t see her there nor come across as many pigeons as there were in the movie, but Hey… that’s not the point!

Watching Phantom of The Opera on Broadway – I finally got to tick that off my list, on my birthday. Did I tell you… the show and performance was spectacular and mind captivating??

As every passing day unfold anew, my reality stood tall on Staten Island – 305 feet to be precise, regardless of what may the future bring, She reminded me, one shall not take anything for granted.

I still have more to learn and explore this country and study their anthropology. And I will go back again someday very soon. Yet, I came back a different person, with the desire to dream even bigger.

If this sparks a dream in you, live it a reality and make it greater.