For I am your Muse.

When your life’s hard work takes the most wonderful transition from words to a book that speaks your journey and points out the purpose of your sole being.

If there’s one word to describe that feeling…

A word is never enough.

I’ve read many books throughout my fair share owing to my years. Some brought joy and magic. Some taught me lessons I’d take in every walk of my life – the past, present and future.

Then there were books that inspired me to become part of literature. To become an Author. To write and rewrite. I’ve played the roles of each character and lived as so and so. I’ve fallen in love with all of them. I’ve died many times. Re-birthed in many forms. I was the little details that one missed or ignored.

The women in literature had a huge impact on my life. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to write like them.

I’ve had jobs that help me pay my bills, buy pretty things and at the same time questioned if this was ever enough? You wake up each morning, get into office doing a 9 to 5 job, answer calls, reply to emails, laugh at silly jokes by your colleagues and have lunch which is always a poor choice and then you repeat it the next 4 days to come.

Then as if it was by chance or was it my time, I was given the opportunity to discover my talent as a Writer. Sitting in an empty apartment with my laptop is my only companion. I started writing and.

There it was. My muse. She said to me, write what you’ve never read before. Tell them the story different from all the fairy tales which ends with happily ever after…

Tell them a story that’ll make them wake up every day and keep on living. Tell them the story that’ll keep them moving. Tell them your story. Don’t hide anything. Tell them everything, from your Adam to your Eve. The beginning of you and the fall of you. Tell them how you rose from your failure. Tell them about the others of the same fate as you.

Tell them so they’ll listen. Listen. The way you listened to your heart and your soul. The walks with each step on fire and stone. The voices of the unscrupulous shuttering your existence and exploiting your innocence.

Tell them how you found the Courage that was lost. Hidden under fear, humiliation, insult, injury and scars that you wore behind your fake smile.

And then the will to live was greater than the force to surrender. You found yourself. You found the others. You walked with your head held high and you spoke to be heard and for them to listen.

You are not alone. You are Courage and you are Liberation!

And I am your muse.

So, I followed her advice and rewrote my story. This has been an incredible journey and I can’t wait to have you walk along my side. Laugh with me. Cry with me. Travel with me. Eat with me. Love with me. Anger with me. Read with me. Speak to me and I’ll tell you my story.

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