Sparring and photoshoots…

This is me and Fitness Instructor, William Semain during a recent photoshoot at the Sportsdock, East London. I was asked to help with the promoting and campaigns for events that takes place in the coming year 2018!

Exciting and exhilarating times ahead, as it involves my fitness and lifestyle journey.


As much as this is an honour and great privilege to be chosen to represent my second home ( some of them will argue, it’s my first ), I really hope that I do inspire and motivate all existing and new members of the Sportsdock family to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Exercising can be fun if you allow yourself to listen to your body and work with your rhythm. I know I am not a professional in this industry. But as an individual who gave myself the opportunity to embark on this fitness journey 3 years ago and have managed to lose more than 30 kilograms and build strength, stamina and confidence – I could easily be that one person that may be able to inspire you.

Like most of you, I’ve wasted so much time just pondering whether or not to get fit and lose weight. Watching those videos on YouTube of other people’s weight loss transformation did not help me lose the weight I’d gained.

Going on strict diets that were ridiculously difficult to follow – you know the one’s where you starve yourself and grab a piece of lettuce just before you head hits the ground? Yeah, that one – did not work! Managed to figure it before I damaged my head, thanks to my brain factor!

And Yes – Fat Loss Pills, Cellulite Creams and Meltaway Teas. Sigh!! A huge reduction of sums in my bank account was visible, though I’d rather seen it on my body.

So, you see. This was a debate that lasted for a few years.What changed? Was it an epiphany? Was it a heart attack or stroke threat? The fact I couldn’t walk up two flights of stairs without calling for my ancestors guidance? Did I see the light at the end of the tunnel?

No??  Yes?? Maybe…??

The above fears were not applicable to me but it could’ve been, if I didn’t be the change itself.

A lifechanging trip to Japan changed my point of view on living. They call it Ikigai – The Japanese way to lead a happier life. It begins with you and simply by leading a healthier lifestyle. No fuss. No stress.

There were no more debates. No more questions. I was doing it. Period.  I have not looked back since.

My journey is yet to reach it’s destination. I am half way there. The first half was the toughest. My body took a lot of beating. Yet it never gave up. My mind stayed strong and guided my body to keep going. The best teamwork, I think. I can’t wait to see how much progress the coming years will enable and accept me.

I hope when you make your New Years’ resolution, it’s one that you are going to keep for the rest of your lives. Because being healthy is not an option, but it’s a lifestyle, a choice. A choice to love yourself, unconditionally. It is your first home. So, if I do spend more time at the gym, it is simply because my body is my home, a temple where my soul resides. It deserves the utmost respect. All the tender, loving and care that it needs not just to survive but live a spectacular life. 

It’s not just a January to do list. Change your mindset and discipline yourself to stay focussed on your journey. 

You can not see results doing anything inconsistently. 

Take care of yourself. Let’s welcome 2018 and the coming years passionately for Health and Happiness.

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