January 2017 – 20kgs Lighter


( I wasn’t smiling by the way, just trying not to drop it as it was heavy while the picture was taken. To think that’s the weight I lost between January 2016 to January 2017).

Just in a year, I saw myself go from fat to fit because I showed up. I made a promise to be strict and disciplined. I worked hard to achieve my fitness and health goals.

The push I needed – I wanted to change the way I aged and looked – that is healthy, live life to my fullest capabilities and enjoy it like every healthy individual.
I realised that for long-term goals, I needed a long-term plan. So I quit making yearly and monthly resolutions! This is how I created a new me! An improved version of my old self, a person who is going to live her life she was intended. I made changes, slow but steadily.

The progress came steadily and stayed with me. There are no easier ways to do it. Hard work alone can produce the results that you want to see in yourself. I did.

This is my fitness transformation. My weightloss journey.

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