My first blog!

Hi everyone! Well, I am very new to this blogging society. I’ve read a lot of other’s blogs in my lifetime but when it came to owning one myself, it was an inner debate which I just surrendered to – eventually.

So, a little about me. My name is Sharlinie, Malaysian by birth and currently reside in the UK. I am a writer and currently on the verge of finishing my first book titled Courage, which I am going to publish next year – 2018. ( Celebrations on the cards!!! )

I wanted to get it published this year, ( I’ll just keep it short..)  but being a perfectionist, a book enthusiast, avid reader and with some wise editorial advice, I am perfecting my baby as it grows!

This website is about anything and everything. Sharing a lot of my travels, food and recipes, family traditions and customs of my birth country and adopted country.

So, please stay with me and feel at home while I type away my daily anecdote. You are always welcome to join me with a nice cup of hot tea or coffee and pen down your thoughts, opinions, feedbacks or even if it’s just to drop a – Hi!

The United Arab Emirates.

An enthralling excitement arises as I approach the days to spend my next travel venture into the Arabic Gulf.

Extraordinaire is the norm for the Emiratis and for a newborn like me, it is surely a stumble. I anticipate grandeur in all aspects of this travel and why would I not. I will be, after all, living amidst the golden, the richness, the extravagance of the wealthy and fabulous for the next two weeks!

So, it begins with an eight-hour business class flight on British Airways. “Champagne for you, madam?”, asked the smartest and polite stewardess. Don’t mind me if I do a toast to that and begin my humble journey… tipsy!

Well rested, well-taken care of and well prepared as I land in the City of Gold, Dubai!

Take a photographic tour with me as I share with you moments of OOOHHHH and AAAHHH’s! A satisfaction like no other as every physical, social and emotional senses are heightened and intensified! Or it could have been the fragrance of Oud!